About Maftown Online Magazine

Maftown online magazine is an online magazine that focuses on news and any updates from Mahikeng. Update those Maftownians all over South Africa about what’s happening in their hometown to make sure they don’t forget where they come from. Innovation is our priority; we aim to create networks amongst entrepreneurs and business opportunities to those who are business minded. To give advertising space to help businesses around Mahikeng so as to promote their service effectively. One stop shop for everything you need to know about Mahikeng.

Our Background

Maftown online magazine founded in Mahikeng the capital city of North West province better known as the City of Goodwill, the Platinum Province. Mahikeng as it is known, would not be a platinum province without innovation of high standards. The magazine focuses on news; ins and outs of Mahikeng , 80% of news will be from Mahikeng with 20% touching base on our surrounding locally and globally. The main focus is to build or continue to put the brand Mahikeng #Maftown at the top. News update on the who’s-who’s and the emerging Maftownians in the field of business, Art and entertainment will be our priority as Maftown online magazine. Mostly we will be creating awareness on other social issues, health, education etc. We will create networks amongst entrepreneurs and expose business opportunity to those who are business minded. To give advertising space to help business around Mahikeng, market and promote small emerging businesses. One stop shop about everything you need to know about Mahikeng.


The main aim /objective are to promote Mahikeng as a brand by promoting everything that comes from Mahikeng and talk about it. Once all the news is online it means Maftown will be a city known globally. When tourist visits South Africa one of the questions they will ask is where Maftown is. Promote the culture of the city and lifestyle, encouraging togetherness.


  • To render world class news and stories that put Maftown as a brand in the Map.

  • To create such a pedestal that would be a mouth piece of North West Province.

  • To be one of the aggressive marketing and branding tool of North West Province.


  • Be transparent, fair and give news that does not take sides.

  • Execute our work with pride and integrity.

  • Create networks and partnership with stakeholders who share our vision of putting Maftown brand in the South African map as well as the world map.


  • To be innovative news agency.

  • Create business networks.

  • Promote Art and culture of Mahikeng and North West Province.

  • Update readers about the happening of Mahikeng and the world.

  • To facilitate and create opportunities for emerging individuals in the field of Business, Art and entertainment.

  • Promote education.

  • Creating Awareness on issues of health, social and education.

Mandate & Priorities

  • News update.

  • Profiling of individuals/ Models, Artists.

  • Create networks.

  • Promote the Brand Maftown