Article By: Pelo Mafojane

Published: 12 Nov 2019
Tag: lifestyle


Dineo Keebine, the founder of BOTHO Foundation made it easy for those who can’t barely walk, by just collecting Plastic tags and plastic bottle tops to get enough money to buy a wheelchair.

Dineo says it takes  200 kg or tags or 450 kg of  plastic bottle tops of milk, juice or cold drink. To collect you keep aside the tags after opening your bread and so is the tops after finishing off your juice or milk. Put  them in a box or any container of your choice but not in a plastic, as it makes it hard to take them out. This amazing initiative really shows  that even small things we discard without thinking has value.


It all started when Dineo was doing a research during her studies, on how people with disabilities severely get affected and that over 6000 000 children with disabilities in South Africa have never been to school. She also discovered that there is a major gap and dire need of people living with disabilities in our local communities more especially in rural areas.

The campaign aims at providing disability awareness, educate  people about different disabilities and to try and close gaps with a solution. “ In giving people knowledge about people living with disability and their differences, we encourage them to aid and reach out to people who are disabled “Dineo added. The aim was to simplify giving our disabled pupil a better life too.

For more information or anything in regard to the foundation you can  follow :

Facebook page : BOTHO

OR contact : 078 1836 619

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