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Published: 9 Jun 2019
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📰 Background?
📷🎬 My name is Dikatso Chantel Segalwe, I grew up in Mafikeng, with a family of 5, That is my parents and two brothers and I am in between them, which makes me the only girl. I went to Mafikeng high school and completed my matric in 2013. I went to Mafikeng hotel school and completed in 2018 in becoming a professional chef.

📰 Your journey of becoming a chef and a model?
📷🎬 Back in high school I used to research about modelling because I loved the idea of being a model but deep down in my heart I was very shy becuase I am an introvert. While being shy I enjoyed and loved cooking special meals for my family and experimenting in the kitchen, even when we go for holidays as a family we would book in chalets and I would be their cook, and besides who wants to cook while on holiday?? A person who is really passionate about cooking. When I completed my matric I took a gap year just confused on which course to study, but I would cook/bake almost everyday at home and it just came to my attention that, why don't I just make my cooking skills professional. I enrolled at a Culinary school and they accepted me after interviews, so I completed my studies and worked in Madikwe Game Reserve for some time. My contract depleted and I came back home, instead of looking for a job I started looking for modeling agencies which my mom helped me in looking for them to actually stop being shy. So I found Ethnocentric modeling agency and it took me out of my comfort zone and made me as confident as I am now.

📰 How do you tackle your schedule?
📷🎬 My schedule is not that busy. I chose not to go back to work and focus on modeling for now, I want to do all the things I love and explore them fully and not regret when I'm older, so I prioritize modeling more, but I do cook for special occasions like ( graduations, birthday celebrations, weddings and so on)

📰 What inspires you?
📷🎬 I am a Christian and I draw my strength from prayer, which inspires me to do greater and better. People ask me "how do you do it?" And I say inspiration is really everywhere, just by taking a walk or hitting the gym to feel healthy once u feel healthy you become happy and fulfilled. I try new things everyday, or learn new things everyday which inspires me to do better. Broaden your horizons. Learn your craft and master it. Take a stand for what you believe in. Clear away distractions and focus.

📷🎬 Tell us about ethnocentric modeling agency?
Ethnocentric modeling agency is an agency which aims to grow talent and shape a model into being confident and radiant in their craft. It teaches catwalk, photoshoot confidence, posture and generally how to be a lady with morals and principles. The founder is Vukile Rakgotla it has been in existence from 2009 till today. 

📰 What does it take to be a reputable model?

📷🎬 A model should have a thick skin becuase the industry can either lift you up or break you apart becuase of insecurities. So a reputable model should be confident and be able to withstand rejection, have a powerful portfolio/profile, have an agency and not hinder their careers by being stubborn/difficult in their agencies by not being committed. Looking the part of being a model is essential. Good attitude opens doors for models.

📰 Your ultimate goal in your career?
📷🎬 My ultimate goal is to have a bakery as a chef, not a restaurant like what other chefs wish for, a mouth watering bakery. In terms of modeling I want to model in high fashion places like London, be on front pages of high profiled magazines and just be the super model that every label would want.

📰 What would I cook for someone special?
📷🎬 I would cook {starter} -pan fried scallops with creamy lemon butter sauce and a fig salad. {main meal}- Roast belly of pork with asparagus, charred sweet corn, shimeji mushrooms with rum infused butternut puree. {dessert} - Butterscotch cheesecake.

📰 Is there someone special who is been pampered like that though?
📷🎬 Yes there is, we met in culinary school three years ago and we still going strong.

📰 What do you do in your spare time?
📷🎬 I take time to relax, gym, introspect myself and just listen to music. I love going out for movies, shopping, unwind with my peers, and experimenting in the kitchen. I'm an indoors type of a girl.

📰 Thoughts about being a model in a saturated industry?

📷🎬 The disadvantage is that its over crowed and you tend to slow down and find it difficult to penetrate the industry. But on the other hand in a saturated industry there are clear signs of where opportunities lie, its just to keep looking for the opportunities. Create your own craft and don’t copy what people do, expand your options, be yourself and don’t be afraid to volunteer.

📰 How is it being a chef and a model at the same time?
📷🎬 It is very nice especially when a person asks me what do I do and I would have to answer with both my titles, saying I'm a chef and people get aroused and when I say I'm a model they really get excited. But on the other hand its difficult being a model trying to keep fit and healthy at the same time know you can turn the kitchen upside down and make yummy treats and spoil yourself. Keeping in shape is essential and yet fun because I would know how to make healthy nice meals that people hate when on diet.

📰 What can you say about yourself?

📷🎬 I am a humble and modest young lady, who strives to do better everyday and cares for others. Im not self centred. Actually I'm always open to hear what people are going through and actually help where I can. I am sensitive a bit to harsh comments becuase I know I would never do that to another person. In future look out for the next great baker in Mahikeng my home town. Look out for ramp modeling becuase that's where I'm heading. I leave everything into God's hands...
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