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Published: 3 Oct 2019
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Meet Dr Katlego Sebogodi the brains behind the Mathematics textbook: Study guide for grade 12 learners. Born in the village of Dinokana in Zeerust, driven and determined Dr Katlego Sebogodi recently qualified as a Dr, at the University of Witersrand in Mathematics and a clutch of his own Mathematics textbook.

Being the epitome of an empowered and a true example of the 21st-century inspiration, Dr Katlego has an impressive and admirable knowledge of mathematics, Physics and Computer Sciences.

His instigation of pursuing his academic journey flourished after obtaining a Bachelor’s of science degree and an Honours degree in Mathematics from the University of Northwest. After the years of continuing his studies, he went on to brand his own Mathematics textbook: Study guide for grade 12 learners. It became effective early this year after its release.

The textbook sold at a hundred and fifty rand (R150), comes with a different perspective and aim to bring a widening approach that is best for learners to be able to cope with their matric studies.

Using a selected software to design and develop the textbook, Katlego explains that the procedure of making the textbook acquired a lot of effort, sleepless nights and unbearable hours. Dr Sebogodi has worked in more than esteemed educational backgrounds, including lecturing at the University of North West, Sol Plaatjie University and currently the University of Johannesburg.

With this textbook Katlego hopes to tackle the issue of unemployment, he explains that the lack of job opportunities is a result of scarce skills. “There are many Mathematics dependant careers that remains in demand yet unemployment has found refuge in this country, so with this textbook we are locking arms in helping our siblings cope with mathematics”, he says.

The Mathematics textbook is already in high demand in provinces such as, Cape Town Kwa-Zulu natal, Mpumalanga and more.

With all this greatness, Dr K Sebogodi shared how this journey has not been stress-free he recalls a humbling moment in his life where due to financial restriction and an unsuccessful attempt at a university after matric, had him sit at home even though he obtained several distinctions, however he persevered and reached his highest potential. His graduation as he will be receiving his Ph.D. in Mathematics will be taking place this year on the 19 of December.

“This is a small part of a big dream and I am Happy. I would like to encourage learners to set goals for themselves, because when you have goals they afford you good choices and achievements for your future.” He adds. 

If you might need a copy please contact Katlego Sebogodi on this number : +27 63 601 0855



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