E-Knows 2_Cups will make one feel better

Article By: cazi4example

Published: 2 Jun 2019
Tag: lifestyle

Rethabile Mpobane also known by his stage name E- Knows is an aspiring rapper born in Klerksdorp, Kanana raised in Teyateyaneng a small town in Lesotho, which was cultural by that time and music was in his everyday basis,
specifically Koriana music (Basotho genre) in (2009) then a year later (2010) he was introduced to hip hop by his brother but only started rapping two years after in (2012) soaking up inspiration from local rapstars like Immortal Novel,
Prison Break and the late K-Tha may his soul rest in peace.

He recorded his 1st single in 2016 which was titled Shake that ,Then over this past two years up to this point he has been experimenting different sounds like Emo-rap which reflects to his latest single titled 2_CUPS which dropped on the 17th May 2019 and it raises awareness against cancer and the emotional impact that growing up in a broken home has on the modern day youth and 2_CUPS is a lead single of his 1st studio EP titled THE BROKEN & BROKE EP set to be debuted this month.

Listen to 2 CUPS by E-knows on #SoundCloud



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