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Published: 5 Jun 2019
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📰 Please give us your background?

🎤 I was born at Bophelong Hospital in Mafikeng, went to school at St Marys primary and high school, completed my matric in PTA then went UJ for further education. At the moment I am currently based in Joburg.

📰 Care to tell us what music you do and why you chose the genre you did? Also give us a background of your music career? How and where did it start?

🎤 My sound is what is typically referred to as Motswako Boombap, which is the main influence of the time when I was teen, even though the game has evolved so much, there is still a lot of good appreciation of this sound.
I started rapping back in high school, by grade 10, I had already recorded a couple tracks in efforts to make a demo. I have been in a crew or two while I was based in PTA and at the time still heavily linked to Maftown my hometown. I’m still doing tracks with cats Mo kasi and get beats from producers in Maftown

📰 Besides music what else you do, are you working/as what?

🎤 I work full time as a Logistics Manager in Jozi for 1 of the leading FMCG companies.

📰 Your image depicts someone who may be doing jazz kinds music, care to share with us your age?

🎤 Hahaha 😂😂😂 I get that a lot. It’s the grey beard that throws everyone off. I actually just turned 35. For me I appreciate and love how I look but don't let the look fool you. I'm all Hip Hop.

📰 In your efforts as an artist, what kind of challenges did you pass through and what have you learned from such? Have you ever thought of giving up an what may have brought that? how did you deal with such?

🎤 One of the biggest challenges is getting the right production team to execute your vision especially in this era when there are not so many artist pushing this type of sound, there is a struggle to get the right beats and good quality output after recording. So even though there are a lot of bedroom studios Mo kasi nou, you really have choose well.
Once you have the product in hand, there is also no route to market. Constantly posting your songs on your own social media platforms can only do so much
The learnings from all that for me was to study the game a bit more, especially the business side of it, so I google a lot, I try to follow more information based sides, blogs and so on. The application of all of that is the new approach we are taking now with “The Host With The Most EP” by being more experimental with the sound, the marketing and building myself as a brand.
At a time I wanted to quit, I took a break from the game and focused on other things in my life. I almost went back to being a bedroom emcee, redefining my sound until I was ready to come back.

📰 Tell us what kind of support did you need when your career was kicking off and did you get such needed support in terms of your career advancement? How has your household shown its support to you?

🎤 In terms of support, information is key and networking is critical – you have to know where to go for beats, recording and production within your own space, if you don’t know such, it can be very frustrating.
From a family point of view, everyone is very supportive. My wife and kids do allow me time and space to do my thing, it is just about finding the balance

📰 What is your ultimate goal, that you want to achieve through music? an how far are you at reaching such goals? An also explain as to what genre you in an why you decided to go in such genre?

🎤 The music is for the people, the ultimate goal is to make music that people can relate to and it talks to them and what they are going through, weather good or bad, This can only be done by reaching a wider audience with all the different means available. Hip Hop for me has influenced my frame of thought and I have seen what kind of power it has to change society and people at large. That's why I decided to deliver my message through rhythm and poetry. I am not where I would ideally like to be at the moment, but I have made considerable progress.
The road ahead is still very far but I am super excited about the journey ahead

📰 Which musical legends have you worked with or whom are you looking forward to work with? and why.

🎤 I would love to work with Mr Mo Molemi, I just dig his sound, he pushes Music with a purpose, I would love a beat from the legendary Bruce “Dope” Sebitlo. D.J Maphorisa as well.

📰 To this point what are some of the lesson you have learned in this industry that if given a chance to give advice to others about them, and what kind of advice would you give in every lesson you learned ?
🎤You have to make a quality product so don’t rush your production, as an artist get involved in the mastering and what ultimately comes out, it’s a reflection of yourself. You are more than an artist, equip yourself with other skills, especially around marketing and building your brand Music is constant hustle, you have to push you brand every day, the work doesn’t end at the studio.

📰 Taking a look South Africa and the province you in, do you think much is done to develop an assist artists like you especially looking the provincial government?

🎤 Not enough is being done and the little that is done is not marketed correctly, music workshops are far and in between and they are not over flowing with artist in terms of attendance. So we really need a lot visibility from the government especially on social media and for us artists to understand what they can do for us exactly.

My EP is dropping on Fri 14 June
Title: Host with the most EP
Fans can expect a launch party soon and 1 or 2 videos from this project.
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