MC_MGEE got the Motswako Sauce

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Published: 2 Jun 2019
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MC.MGEE was born and raised in Mahikeng the Capital city of Motswako and he is one of the Motswako Artist who are busy penetrating the Music industry. He shared the stage with the likes of Tucks Senganga, MoMolemi , Fifi Cooper, Notshi, etc MC.MGEE came into the music scene back in 2014 and the journey has not been easy to be where he is now.

MC MGEE worked with MC Blade, P-flo, Metaphor, Efkay, Magolide (Kabelo) etc. He then worked with MC Blade on his 1st Mixtape Titled StreetlifeMixtape produced by TzMox (Tebogo). They worked out the first Single Titled “ I Got The Sauce. The song has been play listed on the Following radio stations, Mahikeng fm, Kgatleng Fm (from Rustenbrg),and Modiri fm in the Ratlou district.

He is an unorthodox type of Artist and like they say Art is Art and in order to be unique you need to do something out of the ordinary, though he was not sure about the Music video for the song " I got the Sauce", Together with his they team updated a post on Facebook telling everyone who was interested to show up and be featured in the Video to come, the fans responded positively and they all went for a photo shoot and shared ideas on how the Music video should be and what message it should transmit and the rest is history.
“But am glad we did it and I thank each and everyone for the support I am honoured "said ' MC.MGEE. 

RIP to one of our Friend her name is Lebogang Kemontle Kerileng, she passed away last year 02 December 2018, she played a very beautiful role on the Music video ‘May her soul continue to rest in peace 🙏 sorbed and concluded MC_MGEE “

For social media network connection check out
Facebook : MC MGEE SA
Twitter @MC_MGEE_SA
YouTube account name is
@MC_MGEE_SA MC_MGEE_SA. Where you can get the music video.

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