Are you ready to face your crush? Here’s how to confront your crush in the modern Maftown crush YouTube show!

Article By: Dineo Keebine

Published: 3 Oct 2019
Tag: lifestyle


Those who have been crushing on someone for a while, may not be used to how things have changed. That old trend of stalking your crush, or holding a full length practice conversations with yourself in the mirror, devolving into peak awkwardness, feeling timid, or even projecting a false impression in front of your crush. Those particulars of etiquette are long gone, the rules have changed!

Maftown Crush recommends that the next time you see your crush just pull out your bravest face and tell your crush  just exactly how you feel about them on an actual date by so to claim your victory of love. This show helps people to meet up with their crush over a date to finally reveal if their crush likes them back.

On its first and latest Maftown crush episode, the biggest crush reveal seemed awkward, sweet, and downright heart-wrenching. But if there’s one thing about people on this show that they have in common, is bravery.

Maftown crush is brought to you by the Film Village Production and YNOT Casting Projects. The YouTube channel: YNOT Mabina runs by 6000 subscribers with an additional show; uyajola 9/9 varsity edition. The two shows are produced by Mabina Mogoboya. The Maftown Crush show is presented by Mo’sound, Gugu and Balesang Mashego. Stand ready for the next Maftown Crush episode airing on the 7th of October 2019.

So if you looking for a brave way to translate to your crush you can contact Maftown crush with this one easy step

Write to Maftown crush detailing who your crush is and how you want them to help you at or contact them at 072 5776163/ 0664561465

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