We get up close and personal with Seasonal Content Producer Mmakobedi Choabi

Article By: Tlami Kganakga

Published: 9 Jun 2019
Tag: lifestyle

Being behind the scenes probably wouldn't mean much for the listener but where the content of the shows are concerned, the amount of work and dedication put in place takes a lot of research and MmaKobedi knows about it, meet the seasonal content producer Mmakobedi Choabi who is a content producer  @MotswedingFM

📰 Tell us about yourself, your childhood?

🎧📻 I was born and raised in Potchefstroom. I'm proud to say that I was raised by my grandmother who even in death still influences the decisions I make. I am a kind human being that is sometimes misunderstood by those distant from me; my uncle is very dear to me, 'I love God that's why I'm blessed to be a mother to Prof Ontiretse Kabo'.

📰 When did your love for radio begin and who would you say inspired you?
🎧📻 I knew when I was studying Journalism that I would best fit in radio. I have no specific person that inspired me.

📰 How did it come about to be a content producer and what makes a good content producer?
🎧📻 I was just fortunate and through grace everything just fell into place. I guess my grandmother's prayers came through. I think I am an outstanding producer because of a few factors, my formal education, the skill to listen to those I work with(presenters) , I have an eye for content and the ultimate drive just to be the best.

📰 What would you say are the challenges of being a content producer and what would be the highlights?
🎧📻 To stay connected to your audience is by far the hardest, striking that balance. I can with a smile say content contributors know their story, when music speaks to the content and lastly when your listener mentions that your content touched them.

📰 Would you say Radio content have changed over the years?
🎧📻 Yes definitely! Radio is mostly influenced by social media. 4IR is definitely here. Adapt or die.

📰 You've been nominated before for radio awards, how important is recognition?
🎧📻 Recognition simply means your work doesn't go unnoticed, if anything the pressure is to always be at your A game. I have maintained that and can say I am a seasonal content producer who has worked on most shows.

📰 If you weren't on radio, what would you be doing?
🎧📻 I would be doing missionary work, hence I am happy to be an ambassador for future females in North West. I am that person.

📰 Your advice for aspiring content producers.
🎧📻 I always ask myself two questions: What legacy are you going to be leaving behind? Would you want your presenter(s) to credit you at the end of the shows? Lastly READ!

📰 What do you get up to when relaxing?
🎧📻 I hardly relax but spending time with friends and my son.

📰 Can we find you on social media?

📱Facebook: MmaKobedi Choabi
Twitter: @mmakobedi

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