MS Africa 2020 Finalist-Petunia Makome

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Published: 9 Jul 2019
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MS Africa is hosted by Africa Pageants and pageants SA, which is a pageant that identifies woman who are community builders.

“You can do ANYTHING you want with your life and no one can stop you…but YOU! .” This is the philosophy that 25 year old Petunia Makome lives by.  Born on September 15th 1993 in Mpumalanga (Nkomazi) Petunia is the epitome of confidence and determination, believing that hard work and dedication will aid in her path to success.

Petunia Makome was raised in a single-parent household that offered unending love and support.With a solid base, Petunia thrived, eventually graduating from Mjokwane Secondary school and the University of Pretoria. Petunia is very driven, she's a Corporate Multi Award winner, She has varied interests to include socializing, involvement in her community, being a service ambassador and not surprisingly, beauty pageants. Healing people with her love, sharing encouraging messages of the gospel of Christ and volunteerism is her first love.

Petunia is an ambassador for Respect and Ubuntu foundation, Founded by Mr George Moyo. R&B aims to give dignity back to Orphans. The organization strongly believe that all children have basic rights to safety, security, education, adequate nutrition and especially love and support in becoming happy and productive members of the society. For many children in Alex and other parts of SA, these basic rights remain an unattainable dream, R&B foundation works tirelessly to make this a reality for orphans. " As a Finalist for MS Africa I believe that Children are the future of our country , and it gives me great joy to be working with such an amazing foundation".

"My fondness for pageants emerged when I entered and won the University of Pretoria MISS AFRICA Pageant in (2014).  Inpired by the spirit of giving back I am now vying for the title of MS AFRICA (Continental Pageant)".

" Never wanting to rest on my laurels, " I Petunia makome Will be launching 'THE BLACK BARBIE LIFESTYLE in August, a personal development program, Lifestyle brand and global community for women who desire to make a big impact, be happy and live an abundant lifestyle. My  mission is to empower ambitious  women to create the life of their dreams and use their God-Given talents to make a Difference. The human mind can be a dangerous place. I see a lot of young people battling with constant insecurities, confusion and fear, It is never easy being a teenager/young adult  in such a demanding world, and for this reason l continue to be interested in assisting the youth in any way possible" Petunia said. 

" I entered Ms Africa because I want to serve, I want to be used as a vessel for change, I want to inspire young people to dream big and help them realize that they have everything they need to create their ideal lives and also make a difference.

" I have a special gift of healing, I'm intending to heal my community and ultimately the world with my LOVE. It is a blessing to be associated with Africa Pageants, and winning the tittle will provide me with the platform to use my natural gifts to touch and change people's lives".

What I'm hoping to archive in the future..

" Being Ms Africa will allow me to reach out to more young people than I am currently able to. I want to  challenge them to take control of their lives and rise to the challenge of using their God-given talents to serve and better their lives. It's not about where they come from or what they went through, God has equipped them with everything they need to lead the best life. 


You can vote for her by sending the code

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