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Published: 29 Nov 2019
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Tsietso Mocha is a 31 year old football fanatic born in Kraaipan just few kilometres from Mahikeng. Football has always been his first love and has never entertained anything in his life other than sports since primary school. When he went to Johannesburg in 2008 he played in Castle League in Kagiso (Westrand) for two years with the hope of pursuing a career in professional football and played for Local Football Association in Roodepoort while also studying but like with things of life, it can't always go the way we anticipated. With that said, Tsivo as he's known, had a vision that by 2017 he initiated an NPO called Tsietso Mocha Annual Tournament known as TMAT and with that came obstacles where he found himself stumbling and falling but he got up, dusted himself and carried on to host the first annual event in 2018 with no sponsors which turned out to be a success thanks to friends and the committee involved. Fast forward to 2019, TMAT got recognition from Gracia Machel Trust Fund and they held the 2nd annual event that was a huge success because it accommodated all ages, 8 netball teams, 8 soccer teams and also had jumping castles for the young ones. He has also done football analysis for Mmabatho Fm and Ratlou Fm.
Tsietso Mocha is a visionary who doesn't only think of himself but also thinks of the young boys and girls by grooming them to fulfil their dreams.

📰 What was it like growing up in Kraaipan?
🎤 Growing up in Kraaipan. I can say it taught me humanity and I'm happy I grew up there besides the fact that it's a rural area and there are limited opportunities.

📰 What did you study?
🎤 I studied hospitality which was not what I wanted but I'm currently studying Sports Management as it is something that I know I can study with my eyes closed because of the passion I have for the beautiful game.

📰 Why did you decide to start an NPO focusing on football?
🎤 I started an NPO because I have a soft spot for football and after volunteering on radio as s football analyst, I realised I can give back the information and help those boys and girls from rural areas through sports, not only in football as we are aiming to have different sporting codes.

📰 When did you decide to become football analyst and what does it take to be one?
🎤 Just after I realised I can't make it as a professional player in 2009. I had to look for something I have passion for. It wasn't a difficult decision to make to go and ask to volunteer and talk about football.

📰 What or who inspires you?
🎤 Looking at the past two Tsietso Mocha Annual Tournaments, seeing a lot of people of different ages coming out together and smiling just because of the effort and the initiative I took with my committee, that inspires me to do more.

Facebook: Tsietso Tsivo Mocha
Twitter: @tsietsomocha
Instagram: @tsietso_mocha

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